How to design a logo?

What have we learned about logos?

What is the purpose of a logo?

How does the colour and shape effect our understanding of a logo?

Logos are just one part of branding what are the other 3 parts?

What is the purpose of branding?

Development of Logos

Logo Design Tips

How to design a logo

How design a logo

Blog Post #2: Good Logo Design Analysis (12 Marks)

You are going to create another Post on your blog. Find a famous logo that relates to the content on blog. You are going to post a picture of it and answer the following questions:

1. What is the product/company that this logo is trying to sell? Tell me about their branding and target market. (3 Marks)

2. Describe the logo: Colour, shape, font and style and tell me what it says about the company? (3 Marks)

3. Identify and explain 3 elements of a good logo that make this one successful. (3 Marks)

4. Find at least 1-2 other versions of this logo and tell me how they are different and why you think that the company changed their logo? (3 Marks)

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